FY22 School of Law Annual Report


Individuals who support the University of Georgia School of Law with a planned gift are members of the Verner F. Chaffin Society. A planned gift can be made through the assignment of a life insurance policy, a retirement plan asset, a charitable gift annuity or through an outright bequest in a will.

This society was created to honor and recognize law alumnus and Fuller E. Callaway Chair Emeritus Verner F. Chaffin (L.L.B. ’42)(1918-2018). Joining the faculty in 1958, Chaffin specialized in the fields of wills and trusts, estate planning and federal estate and gift taxation. While noted for his scholarship, Dr. Chaffin’s contributions to the legal field, but his long service to his alma mater and his generous support. 

To be eligible for membership in the Verner F. Chaffin Society, donors are asked to notify the law school in writing of their charitable intent for the UGA Foundation by completing the Statement of Future Gifts. if you would like further information about the Verner F. Chaffin Society or to explore planned giving options, please contact Jeremy Headrick in the Law School Advancement Office at (706) 542-3257 or jthead@uga.edu.


We are grateful to the alumni/alumnae and friends who have chosen to participate in the school’s future success through their planned gifts.

This list includes members as of June 30, 2022.


Anonymous (4)

Luis A. and Denise T. Aguilar

J. Edward Allen, Jr.

Joseph B. Atkins, Sr.

Michael L. Baker

Peter L. Banks

William D. Barwick

Janet Ellis Beerman

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Bell

Gary L. Bernes

Richard W. Bethea, Jr. and Mildred B. Bethea

Richard Y. Bradley

W. Joseph Bruckner

James E. Butler, Jr.

Dr. Carolyn F. Cartledge

Richard C. Chandler

Terry R. Chastain

Robert W. Chasteen, Jr.

J. Vincent Cook, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Cooper

Dorothy W. Courington

John S. Dalis

Sally Ramsey Daniel

J. Anderson Davis

Joseph W. Dent

David H. Dickey

Estate of Lucia Smith Wilson

B. Lane Fitzpatrick

James L. Ford, Sr.

Warner S. Fox

Dr. Jann Haynes Gilmore and Mr. Donald P. Gilmore, Jr. (Deceased)

John T. Glover

David F. Golden

J. Wayne Hadden

Robert P. Hall III

Katherine Hawkins

William C. “Bubba” Head

Walter Hellerstein

Jim and Elsie Henderson

Wade W. Herring II

Dale & Cindy Hughes

Julie Green Jenkins

LeeAnn Jones

Steve C. Jones

Paul V. Kilpatrick, Jr.

Dow N. Kirkpatrick II

Anthony D. Lehman

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Loft

Virginia P. McKenna

Dr. Julia LeCraw Mikell

Jere W. Morehead

John T. Newton, Jr.

John S. Noell, Jr.

Keith M. Oelke

Timothy A. Peterson

Sonny Poloche

Thomas O. Powell

Neal and Lib Quirk

David M. Reed

Dudley C. Reynolds

Gates T. Richards

Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.

Peter B. “Bo” Rutledge

Robert I. Schramm

Susan Schwartz

William J. Self II

David A. Smith

Russell and Judith Smith

Michael E. and Leah Fallin Sumner

Alan N. Sutin

Susan E. Sutin

Richard G. Tisinger, Sr. and Marian W. Tisinger

Michael L. Van Cise

J. Thomas Vance

Mrs. Waunee Walker

C. Wilbur Warner, Jr.

Wiley A. Wasden III

Mitzi Wasdin

Nancy Marcuz Wech

Rebecca Hanner White

Marlan B. Wilbanks

Susan Jump Wilson

O. Lee Wiseley, Jr.

C. Knox Withers and Tracy L. Rhodes

Lisa Godbey Wood

Laura E. Woodson

Joel O. Wooten

Allen W. Yee

Wyndolyn York


Anonymous (2)
Morris B. Abram
A. Pratt Adams
Raymond J. Adamson
Grace Barnes
Claud B. Barrett
Mary L. Barrett
Milton C. Barwick
Harry S. Baxter
Curtis H. Bell
Margaret G. Bode
Jesse G. Bowles, Jr.
Milton F. Brown, Jr.
Benjamin H. Burgess
Gwendolyn B. Caldwell
Nina E. Carson
Verner F. Chaffin, Sr.
Gordon W. Chambers
Judge Newell Edenfield
Jule W. Felton
Kate H. Felton
Donald P. Gilmore
Thomas F. Green
Gerald F. Handley
Freeman R. Hardisty
J. (Jay) Rene’ Hawkins, Jr.

Eric M. Holmes
J. Alton Hosch
Edith E. House
Betti T. Johnson
Inslee M. Johnson
Howard W. Jones
Hamilton Lokey, Sr.
Muriel A. Lokey
Frank G. Lumpkin, Jr.
H. Marcus Lynch
Luciano A. Marcuz
Jacqueline McLendon
Melburne D. McLendon
Henry G. Neal
Richard E. Paulson
Barry Phillips
Betty B. Sanders
Edward S. Sell, Jr.
Mary D. Sell
Alexander W. Smith III
Robert B. Smith II
D. Hughes Spalding, Jr.
Gordon L. Sullivan
Fred C. Sweat
Frank M. Swift
Patrick L. Swindall
Steven J. Thatcher
S. Ernest Vandiver, Jr.
Sybil E. Vandiver
Hannah Watson
J. Thomas Watson
Richard V. Wellman
James C. Whelchel
Alexander D. Williams
Glenn T. York, Jr.